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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Maargazhi ThingaL

About 10 days back, I’ve started fasting for Sabarimala (means I wake up early these days. He.. he…). It really feels good to wake up early, have cold water bath, go out to visit a temple amidst such cold weather.

And now Margazhi has started. A month filled with festivities, spiritualism and arts. The word “Margazhi” itself takes my memory down the line, to my child hood days at my home town.

There used to be real big Kolams in front of our houses on a wet surface. And a nice Pumpkin flower fixed on a ball of cow dung, used to decorate at the middle of the Kolam.

My parents wake us up and push us to have bath early and make us study for half yearly exams.

But there used to be a great excuse for me to have a break before opening the books. The biggest Savior was the “Ramar temple” on our street. The whole Margazhi month used to be too active there from early mornings. Boys and girls of our age group land up in the temple sharply before the end of Poojas there. Few children were taught Slokas, Thiruppaavai etc., at the temple itself and they chant them even before we arrive there.

Few of us never had any inclination to learn Thiruppaavai etc., as it was considered girlish stuff by us. But jealosy would start when we see them chanting Thiruppaavai or Sukthams during temple Poojas. One can almost see the pride on their faces while reciting. Reason was, their parents watch them recite and talk high of their kids to others. Another major reason was the preference given to them while distributing hot “Ven Pongal”. They were the first to get the blessings along with Pongal Prasaadham. (Sambavanai).

Once I get Prasaadham, mind starts thinking about the studies and parents waiting to see us studying. I used to go home half minded, carry the books and go to the terrace (what a relief!!) to study. Those days, near our house, there used to be lot of trees around housing lots of monkeys with their families. My study will start with loud reading with brisk walk on the terrace. It all would last only for 15 minutes till the first monkey hits the sight. Then it all would turn to monkey gazing even without my knowledge.

It all ends when mom comes to the terrace to keep food for “Kaakkaa” (crow), which means food is ready. Come down, have breakfast, pack the bag and leave to school and wait till the evening.

Come home in the evening, have coffee, go to temple (excuse, again) to watch those budding artists (!!) singing and other Urchavams. Then come home, open the books and study for sometime till 9 pm or till I fall asleep on the book (whichever happens early). Thank God! There was no TV set at home those days. If there were Chithi, Kolangal, Pogo or Power Rangers, my studies would have gone for a six (as if, without them I was a rank holder!?!?).

Coming back to Margazhi, believed to be inauspicious month among others. In Margazhi no one enters a new house or a new project. No weddings performed. No new purchases.

But just thinking of so many things, that Margazhi has to offer.

In Bhagavad-Gita, God says to Arjuna, “Maadhangalil Naan Maargazhiyaaga Irukkiren”. That is “Among all months, I am Maargazhi”. That’s the purity and sanctity of Maargazhi.

Well renowned Thiruppaavai was written and sung in the month of Maargazhi. Till today, Thiruppaavai is sung in all temples and even at homes during Margazhi.

Thiruppaavai, starts with the lines “Maargazhi Thingal”, celebrating the dawns of Maargazhi offering prayers to Lord Vishnu.

Thiruppaavai was written by Aandal who lived centuries back. Sri Aandal was found in a flower garden by Periyazhwar. As per mythology she was born in Kali Yuga 98. According to the above belief her date of birth is 8th June 3004 B.C. Anyhow many modern historians predict that she lived during 8th Century AD. Whatever it is, Thiruppaavai is at least 1300 years old or more, which is being chanted even today.

Sri Andal in one of her 30 pasurams in Thiruppaavai sings…

புள்ளின் வாய் கீன்டானைப் பொல்லா அரக்கனைக்கிள்ளிக் களைன்தானைக் கீர்த்தி மைப்பாடிப் போய்ப்பிள்ளைகள் எல்லாரும் பாவைக் களம்புக்கார் வெள்ளி எழுந்து வியாழம் உறங்கிற்று புள்ளும் சிலம்பின காண் போதர்க் கண்ணினாய்குள்ளக் குளிரக் குடைந்து நீராடாதேபள்ளி(க்) கிடத்தியோ! பாவாய்! நீ! நன்னாள் கள்ளம் தவிர்த்து கலந்தேலோரெம்பாவாய்

Meaning :

All the girls have reached the place for 'Paavai nonbu', singing the praise (keerthi) of the Lord, who split the mouth of the bird shaped asura; who sniped and disposed off the heads of the cruel Rakshasa.

Venus (velli) has risen (ezhundhu). Jupiter (viyaazhan) has gone to sleep (urangitru). Birds are chirping, See! You have eyes like the honey bee on a flower! You are lying in bed and sleeping, without dipping in and bathing in the harsh cold water. Oh girl! On this good day, leave your tricks behind and join us.

In the phrase Velli Ezhundhu Vyaazhan Urangitru, she means that the Venus has risen in the sky and Jupiter has gone to sleep (vanished). This proves the fact that Tamils knew astronomy as early as 1300 years ago. (If you ask, in which college Aandal graduated or was she an astronomer, I can’t answer!! Enough said. “Raamaa! Raamaa”!!)

Tiruvadirai Star in Maargazhi marks the auspicious time for Arudra Dharsanam of Nataraja in Saivite temples all over Tamilnadu especially Chidambaram. That was the day where Sri Nataraja gave Dharshan to Sri Adisesha (Vishnu’s Serpant) and Saint Vyaagrapadha at Chidambaram.

Vaikunda Ekadasi, one of the auspicious days for Lord Vishnu is celebrated during Maargazhi, where Perumal gives Dharshan to the devotees through the Sorgha Vaasal. This is again a major festival in all Vishnu temples celebrated with pomp.

All Sabhas are already filled up with concerts and performances by renowned artists for Maargazhi Season. I hop between sabhas at least for those sumptuous dishes offered in canteens by reputed caterers. Famous sabha canteens are in Narada Gaana Sabha, Music Academy, Vidya Mandir etc., where you can taste some of the delicious and innovative dishes (like paruppu podi sevai etc).

Thyagaraja Aaradhana is celebrated at Thiruvaiyaru also starts somewhere around Maargazhi (I think so), in memory of Saint Thyagaraja. Saint Thyagaraja was born in Thiruvaarur in 1767 and later settled down in Thiruvaiyaru (on the banks of river Cauvery) till he attained Mukthi in 1847. As a divine Rama Bhaktha Saint Thyagaraja has composed many Keerthanas which are filled with Bhakthi and remain ever green even today. His Pancharathna Keerthanas (5 gems) are a boon to listen, even for a layman who doesn’t know Carnatic Music.

Maargazhi is the time for harvest for the farmers. It’s the time they reap their produce and make their living. After getting good harvest in Maargazhi, they thank the Sun God on the day of Pongal festival (Sankarandhi) in the month of ‘Thai’.

Unjavruthi is another popular tradition followed by people especially during Maargazhi. People from the neighborhood wake up early in the morning and walk around in the all the streets singing Bhajans accompanied with musical instruments.

But why all these good deeds happen only in Maargazhi? It is believed that 1 year of human beings is 1 day for the celestial counterparts (Devas and Gods). The first 6 months from mid Jan to mid July (Utharayanam) is the day time and the next 6 months mid July to mid Jan (Dhakshinaayanam) is the night time for the Gods. And this Maargazhi (Dhanur Maasam) being the dawn of the day (Brahma Muhurtham) for the Gods, singing and chanting the glory of God is considered most auspicious.

Moreover, they say that the Ozone layer is so clean during the early mornings of this month and you can breathe fresh and pure oxygen during that time. Imagine waking up early in the morning, having bath and going for a walk amidst fresh air. And during the course you get to breathe the fresh oxygen without any pollution.

Result of which, it is said that, the biological rhythm of our body is set appropriately with a good walk early in the morning with some good thoughts, timely breakfast, good lunch and a limited dinner at night after attending a Kutcheri (food for ears) before you sleep.

People those days have devised such practices only for the good of the society. The question that remains is “Are we really sticking on to them in our fast paced life style of today?”

And when so many good things are attached to Maargazhi, why should we call the month “inauspicious”?

Let’s try to enjoy every minute of Maargazhi!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

FM Channels – Frequent Mokkais

As a two wheeler rider, sometimes when there’s a long drive or traffic jams while back home, I have this habit of listening to the FM from my mobile.

Few days back, after a tiring day, when I was going back home, got struck in a heavy traffic jam around 7.30 pm in the evening. I was in Kotturpuram and could see the traffic is fully jammed upto the Gandhi Mandapam Signal and from there till Halda Junction.

The whole traffic was inching very slowly and obviously I was breathing the smoke from various vehicles around. Thought I could listen to some FM channel so that I can forget the world for sometime. Now the traffic came to a halt and I switched off my bike and kept my FM on.

Wow… what an experience!!

The first song I listened was Vaji Vaji from Sivaji…. I wasn’t in a mood to listen to such numbers… ok. next channel… ‘Kumbuda Pona Deivam’. Full kuthu song. Even the noise of the vehicles outside was better to listen….

Next channel aired some song. I just was not able to follow the song. All I could understand is that it was a female voice. Out of curiosity I just increased the volume to listen those historic lyrics, beyond that noisy orchestration.

Yeah…I finally was able to catch the first line of the song after few minutes. And it was “Saturday Partykku Polam Variya”. Fortunately Kannadasan is no more to listen to such great lyrics.

Cursing my fate, I moved on to the next channel. Heard a track which resembled the one I liked the most in my child hood days. It was ‘My name is Billa’ with excellent rendering by SPB. And before I could be happy, I realized that it was a remix for the new ‘Billa’, by Ajith. Thanks to the Music Director (Yuvan.. I think). Sorry Yuvan … am not for those remixes where the originality is spoiled and the whole song is filled with noisy instrumentation and so called Englishy words in between.

As there are many more channels on choice, I thought I could still get some better numbers to listen… moved on to another channel.

BTW now traffic made me float till Gandhi Mandapam Signal. And my bike is switched off again coz of the long halt.

Listened to one of the great ‘Call in’ show where listeners call up and answer to the Radio Jockey’s question of the day. The question of the day was ‘If the crow can be renamed what would be your choice for the name?’

A listener called up. Usual courtesies like, ‘Hello! Mr.Gopal. How are you?’ etc., were exchanged (as if they know each other for years!!).

Caller suggested that the RJ’s name can fit in well for the crow and he gave some reason for it. RJ thanked him for the crazy idea and the caller thanked the RJ.

Caller also said that, he has been trying to talk in the show and he could never get through the line in the past. And he was so happy that he could get through on the day. Also he wanted to dedicate one of his favorite songs to his wife, friend (2-3 names), his cousin in Ambattur, another sister in Tambaram etc.,

Enna Kodumai Saar Idhu?!?!

Don’t know who found this concept of dedicating a song. No patience…. I just skipped and went on to listen to the next channel.

Now I could listen to one of the most innovative program on air where lakhs of people are listening. The callers have to call the given number and can discuss their personal problems (mostly love problems), secret affairs, love failures etc. The RJ tries to give solution to your problem and also pacifies you. What a wonderful innovation to happen on air? And people are there to call up and talk about their secret (?!?!) affairs to get counseling from RJs. Wonderful world!!!!

Next channel aired a great song with ample creativity. A husky female voice was singing “Selai Maatrum Bodhu Imsai Panna Vaada”. The traffic Imsai was better than this song.

Moved on to the next FM from ‘All India Radio’. Came across a wonderful song “Thedinen Vandhadhu” a good old classic.

Now the traffic started moving slowly. Thanks to City Traffic Police. After atleast 20 minutes they could do some damage control for the traffic to move freely.

Next song was ‘Yaaradi Nee Mogini’ from ‘Uthamaputhiran’. I could recollect the song, situation, Sivaji’s dance, everything as a whole, while listening. (Kudos to AIR)

Unfortunately, the fact is, in recent times, many of the Composers never mind the quality of the song. The directors are least bothered to create some great situations, where the song will fit in perfectly to move the story further.

Most of the lyricists never hesitate to write those filthy lines with the fear of missing those just some thousands.

Forget me. If anyone driving a car with family (irrespective of their cultural background) would like to listen to a song like “Selai Matrumbodhu” or noisy numbers like “Kumbuda Pona Deivam” etc.?

I couldn’t understand how they convince the advertisers who are spending their plenty of money on these channels for airing their ads.

And whom do they think as their listeners? Anyone on a drive would always love to listen to some good melodies or some super hit songs, whether it’s new or old one. But FMs always think that only if they play the brand new song, they would be listened. (Exception: All India Radio)

The best part is the wonderful melodies are aired by all the FM channels after 9 pm where everyone is busy with their TV into serials or news or something else.

Onnume Puriyaley…. Ulagathiley!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rainbow Rainbow come again

Tried to catch the rainbow on my mobile, during the rains last month.... and succeeded too...

From then on... am waiting for the rainbow to come again...

Or atleast the rain ... if not the bow...

Only the scorching heat remains as the sun is shining with its full vigour...

Chennaiites... pray for some rains again!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hey Ram !!!!

Recently, there are some extraordinary statements from our great leader, Tamil Scholar & CM Kalaignar Karunanidhi.

A few Golden words from him ...

- Who was Rama? What is the proof that he constructed a bridge? Was he an engineer? Where did he study?

- According to Valmiki's Ramayana, Rama was a drunkard.

- We never have the habit of hurting the sentiments of Hindus. I just told what was written in Valmiki Ramayana.

We never demanded that Ramar Sethu has to be demolished. All we need is "Sethu Project". We don't bother about alternate alignment.

Few questions arise from any common man's mind, to our CM...

If Rama was not a real life character and only a Hero of a fiction story, why will any author depict the Hero as a drunkard ?

If Ramayana is only a story according to you, why do you take it so seriously that “Rama was a drunkard”?? If you say that you have quoted only what Valmiki has written about Rama, can someone quote what was written by Kannadasan in his book “Vanavasam”, about “Arasiyal Pramugar” and “Thullu Thamizh Thozhar”??

If Stalin has constructed so many flyovers, bridges and MK constructed roads, inaugurated IT Parks etc., they have a nice black granite board sculpted, marking the inauguration and the year. Will my grandson or great grand daughter ask whether MK and MKS are engineers ?? (Thanks : S. Ve Shekar)

If I read in History, "Ashoka planted trees and made many water tanks and ponds", does it mean that Ashoka was a “Engineer” or "Mesthiri" or "Sithaal"??
Are the finance ministers of the State Govt. are from IIMs or are they MBA Finance?

Coming back to his proficiency in Tamil literature, according to "Ilangovadigal", Kannagi, to prove herself against the injustice happened to her and Kovalan, she tore away her breasts and threw it in the streets of Madurai, cursing that the entire city be burnt.

Some time ago, during the removal of Kannagi Statue from the beach, Columnist "Gnaani" wrote in a magazine, "for what mistake of their's the entire population of Madurai was burnt in fire?" and "why her statue is given so much of importance in Tamilnadu politics?"

Our Tamil Scholar replied at a function saying that Gnaani is "playing with fire by proking Tamil sentiments".

If MK has so much respect and regard towards Tamil sentiments, what respect he has towards national sentiments and traditional beleifs, either Rama lived or he is just a story.

Is "Silappadhigaaram", a much praised and much respected epic for you, a story or a true life?

Silappadhigaaram was brought to us by Ilangovadigal, again a saint, like how Ramayana was brought to us by Valmiki.
Considering that, you have really admired Silappadhigaaram and Kannagi, for having existed in Madurai ages back, may I request you to please clarify a few things... ?

1. If Kannagi existed, is that a right deed to burn the whole of Madurai, for a problem she had with only the Pandiya King ?

2. The king himself realised that he did a mistake, saying "Pon Sei Kollan than sol Ketta Yaano Arasan? Yaaney Kalvan!" and he himself died at the court hall, falling down from his throne. Then why should Kannagi go to the streets of Madurai and burn the whole city with her curse.

3. Ok. If it had happened because of her urge to take revenge on the land of the said king, how come a city like Madurai, which was one of the ancient cities ruled by so many great kings and so called well built and maintained city, can be burnt by a woman with just the words of curse ???? And do you beleive in that ??? And if you beleive that... please teach us some "Pagutharivu" which will be of some help for us while reading epics, so that we can differentiate between stories and the real characters.

Atleast the bridge can be built by engineers or mesthiris... but was there any university offering education like "Bachelor of Fire" or "Master of Destruction" in which Kannagi graduated? May be you can look at bringing in such subjects in our Universities. The people will appreciate you for bringing such new courses, and will confer you with titles like "Thee Kalvi Thandha Thamizhan" etc.,

And if you say that “Silappadhigaaram” is just a story and not a real incident…. Why do you show so much of interest on a fictitious character of the story, by protecting a statue???

Apart from all that, does “Pagutharivu” principles believe in Idols ?? If you don’t believe, then why many ‘Kanmanigal’ offer garlands to statues like ‘Anna’, ‘Periyar’ and alikes and close their eyes in a praying gesture? And whom do they pray? Do you advocate all that?

Am just a common man, a spectator. I am not inclined towards any political party here. I too believe in both Silappathigaaram and Ramayanam. I strongly believe that both Kannagi and Rama existed in this country. But after your statements, I would like to know how Kannagi can be accepted and Rama cannot be? And how Kannagi is a real character who came to Madurai for living along with her husband and Rama was just a story???

Suppose, when I read Silappadhigaaram, if there are any mentions about Rama or Ramayana in it, how should I take it? Should I think that Ilangovadigal has written about real characters like Kannagi and Kovalan and also quoted Ramayana - a fiction story??

Ayya, our whole country is driven by lots of sentiments and beliefs, right from stock markets to local auto rickshaws with a lemon hooked near front wheel.

1. We call the country as “Motherland”, and have an image or idol for her too.

2. Many rivers here are worshipped including Cauvery in Silappadhigaaram “Nadandhaai Vaazhi Kavery” you will remember better, as you penned dialogues for the film “Poompugar”

3. Many movies start with auspicious scenes or dialogues for the sentiment that it should fare better in sales (e-g) “Success! Success!” dialogue in Parasakthi, penned by you, again.

4. Many of our kings while going out to battle field, were wished by their wives with “Ratha Thilagam”, cutting their fingers and applying blood on the king’s forehead wishing him success (Sheer stupidity na??)

5. Many atheists respect the sentiments of their wives or children who believe in God. And they don’t want to show the same respect to other’s beliefs in society.

6. Pongal Thirunal is called Thamizhar Thirunaal. And Sun God is thanked on the day for giving good harvest. Will you say, all Tamils are fools to worship Sun as God ?

7. Many functions including the political and Government functions are inaugurated, lighting a Kuthuvilakku lamp. (can anyone say why?)

8. People wear “Pavazha Modhiram” (Coral stoned ring) on their left hand ring finger. Some, as an ornament and some based on beliefs. (we don’t know why you wear it!)

9. People throw away old fashioned black shawls and wear new yellow shawls (many reasons were quoted by you till date for the same single shawl)

10. Some don’t believe in ancient sages and saints, but practice Yoga which was taught by them, for longevity and health

11. And highlight of all the above is ‘A TV Channel goes on air, on “Vinayakar Chathurthi” day. (needless to mention)

Many such sentiments and beliefs don’t have any scientific reason or whatsoever. It’s been a way of life for many. If you believe it, take it. If you don’t believe, just ignore.

If we keep questioning every act of mass sentiments, there won’t be any answers to many questions. Or I don’t know whether you know the reasons for some of the sentiments mentioned above.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello Doctors!!!

This time it's about a most versatile and the most brilliant actor called Vijay and the most popular and a very highly intellectual director called Shankar who have been conferred with the "Doctor" title by MGR Educational & Research Institute at Chennai (where else?).

The special guest at the function to confer the honorary doctorate was Mr. G. Madhavan Nair, ISRO Chief.

Mr. Nair in his speech has told that the star deserved the honour as he served the society as a "Role model for youth". And it was told that Mr. Shankar was aptly awarded the title for making films comparable with Hollywood.

Mr. Vijay, born in 1974, after dropping out of his Viscom at Loyola, made his debut in Tamil film "Naalaya Theerpu" in 1992 with the direction of Mr. S. A. Chandrasekhar (his Father) and after 2-3 films directed and promoted by Mr. Chandrasekhar, slowly started acting in films made by other directors.

Till date he had shown his various versatile performances with extra ordinary efforts in about 46 films to his credit, which include, "Coimbatore Maaple", "Vishnu", "Selva", "Vasantha Vaasal" (any one remember?!), "Thirupaachi", "Madhurey", "Sivakasi" and I think few more towns to follow. (like Sengalpattu, Veluru, Paandi, Ocheri can be suggested)

With so many successful films to his credit in which he had shown various dimensions not only in acting, but also the great "Kuthu dances" for songs like 'Oh Pyari Pani Poori', 'kokkara kokkara ko",,,, "Gaana songs" like "Machan Peru Madhurai", "Thottebettaa Rottu Melae", "Coca Cola Brownu Coloruthan"...with many of them with his own singing talent.

Next comes our Director Shankar who has the record of combined gross collection of over 100 crores on his movies. Has really made some good films (about 8 in 14 years). His debut was with Gentleman in 1990. Known for his magnificience and larger than life stories & heroes.

But many more to come from his hat. Shankar has fared well as a producer with projects like Veyil, Pulikesi, kaadhal etc.,

But are these reasons good enough for conferring Doctor on him? I remember reading somewhere that his inspiration is Mullum Malarum from Mahendran. Yet to see any of Shankar's films comparable to Mahendran's.

If they say Shankar's films are comparable to Hollywood, I too surely agree. They are comparable only in terms of budgets, Graphics, Technology, Sounds and making. But where is the basic stuff called the storyline, except a few like Gentleman or Indian?

No one can forget his casting for Mudhalvan. A role of typical innocent tamil village girl who is a daughter of a farmer (Vijaykumar). Her name was "Thenmozhi". The character was assigned to Ms. Manisha Koirala. Can you ever imagine? And she was shown on screen with full of glitz and colors.

Remember Vasanthabalan's excellent usage of Shreya Reddy in Veyil? Fully toned down without make-up etc., That too for the same Shankar's production. When the story and screenplay are strong enough and convincing, one need not spend lavishly on sets, stars or the making. (Remember Azhagi, Sethu, Autograph or Samsaram Adhu Minsaram?)

Atleast Vijay said "I dont like to be called as Dr.Vijay". But Shankar has'nt uttered a word probably knowing that its not worth talking about.

And if you stupidly ask why many of the other artists, directors and others like, Udavum Karangal Vidyakar, Dr. Shantha (Adyar Cancer Instt), MS Viswanathan, Director Mahendran, Sridhar, Balu Mahendra, PC Sriram, Actor Sivakumar, writer Sujatha, Balakumaran, Bagyaraj, Barathiraja, Maniratnam and alikes are still not given Doctorate, that shows your ignorance.

So, Makkalae !! All it needs to digest such things in Tamilnadu is our tolerance.

Or just smile at it and pass away.... "Thunbam Varumbothu Konjam Siringa!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Velachery MRTS.... "Puli Varudhu"

Velachery MRTS.... "Puli Varudhu"

We were told that Velachery MRTS will be a new year gift for the public....

Later the same minister said that it will be running from Tamil New Year's Day.... He proposed to gift the MRTS Service as Tamil New Year's Gift...

Then during May, we were told that the final inspection is over and some corrections were suggested by authorities...

Somewhere in July, Railway Safety Commissioner again checked the track and said that everything is perfectly alrite and he has given clearance...After that there was an article in newspapers saying that Authorities have given due clearance and technically everything is ok.... and that they have decided that the Service to be inaugurated by the CM and they are awaiting the dates...

There were rumours that the inauguration could be on Independence Day....Now that the independence day is gone....

One wonders that Is it the 2007 Independence day they spoke about?or Is it the 2007 Tamil New year the minister planned to gift the services?

I think they didn't mention the year...they just said that it will be a Tamil New Year gift to the public....So they didn't mislead you...

Still there is no approach road from Main road to the station.... dont know what they are planning to do....may be we should get on to the fly over and jump directly into the Railway Station!?!?

And the best part is ... so called builders and promoters are cashing in with their projects around MRTS Station.... Shouting slogans in the ads saying "Close to Velachery MRTS", "Opp. to MRTS Station"... and people too are rushing in to buy their homes so close to the station... (dont know how will they sleep with noisy horns from trains) .. or what if the Railways wants to extend their station and ask for the place where people have bought their homes? no one knows!

So people... dont get disheartened.... your gift is on your way.... but don't know when...Only God & the Railways know about it... and if in the meantime... if there is any political change at the center... Remember guys... this whole thing could possibly be kept on hold... already CPI is putting enough pressure to the Center on Nuke Deal...

So, please be aware that we are in India...and things take its own course... like how the huge projects were started...

need examples... ?
OMR (so called IT Highway) take a drive from Tidel till Navalur will know the shape of it... all those "International Ishtyle" is there only between Madhya Kailash and Tidel Park....

Everyone thought that its going to be the next biggest developed belt... and which is why many Corporates, IT majors and Real Estate guys have camped there... and people started buying apartments as high as Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 5000/- per sq.ft.

Another Living example.... Kathipara Flyover... Atleast our uncle, Mr. Nehru was peacefully standing there... now with heavy Traffic Jams and prolonged work... life suffers for the commuters taking their route through the time Kathipara bridge becomes operational...the traffic could have increased leaps and bounds, more than what was expected....

So what? another minister will bring in another project which will be constructed for another 8 to 10 years disrupting the public and the whole traffic....

Next comes another fly over on GST Road, outside Airport... God!! Enough of it!!!

So... People of Chennai.... Keep watching... who knows? they may be many such projects lined up... in service of the public...

Blame only your own two wheeler or Car for low mileage... or late attendance to office or a missed meeting... Don't blame the increased traffic or bad roads or unfinished public projects...

Puli Oru Naal Vandhaalum Varum....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sivaji - The boss

Much awaited.. Rajni & Shankar are back with a Bang here.... with Sivaji...

The story rolls around Sivaji (Rajini) who happens to be a Software Techie from back from USA on a mission to establish Educational Institutions (an University), Hospitals, Industries etc., to help the poor and needy population of the society. He aims at providing free education for medical studies and other higher studies for the deserving yet poor students.

Meets Adiseshan (Suman) who is already owning many educational institutions to get his guidance. Suman takes it as professional rivalry and doesn't want Rajini to be his competition for the reason Rajini aims at providing free education where Suman is selling courses for lakhs of Rupees.

Got the knot ?

Suman suggests Rajini to go in for some Real estate business where he can help Rajini in obtaining necessary permissions from Govt. Rajini Refuses and proceeds with his own plans.

Now Suman creates lots of hurdles to Rajini and makes sure that Rajini loses all his possessions including his house and other properties in the bargain. Rajini is left on the roads without a penny.

Suman throws a Re. 1 coin at Rajini and suggests him that he can take up begging profession.


Now you would have guessed what happens.... Yes... Rajini with just that 1 Rupee spoils the whole empire of Suman and succeeds in his ambition.

Rajini also in the bargain, rakes away crores of rupees from many VIPs in the country which were unaccounted black money. He cleverly converts each rupee to white through his international sources and easily comes out through loop holes. But who is that Muslim man who takes the money in Rupees and arranges money in dollars to Rajini from USA ? Not explained.

As a story its just another Shankar's way of expressing social consciousness and larger than life Hero breaking all barriers in helping the society.

But.... what a making by Shankar. Thats where Shankar stands apart from the rest. The way story is told and the way the grandeur is maintained.... mind blowing. Shankar has walked on a tight rope balancing the Hero image of Rajini, giving enough room for Rajini's performance to satisfy Rajini fans at the same time making sure the story travels in his own style.

Especially one wonders why there is a scene where a boy who becomes victim to an electric shock and is treated by Raghuvaran. It finally becomes justification of bringing Rajini back and alive.

Interesting to see how the hero makes 100 crore with just one phone call. The Shankar's way.

Rajini has honestly been the director's actor throughout the movie. The whole style has been changed in the dialogues too... Thanks to Sujata who has penned. Very casual dialogues rather than usual dramatic ones of earlier Rajini movies, makes the scenes more interesting. (e-g) "100 kodi peeranju vei" and "Rajini : I like it ; Suman ; what ? Rajini : hmmm... ootha pallu...." very normal yet powerful....

And usual Rajini style dialogues runs throughout.... whenever Rajini says "Cool" there's a huge roar raised by audience "COOL".. Good one... and the new addition is American slang tagged to Rajini..."Gimme a break" and "You nuts" pronounced the "thalaivar" way.

Shreya has attempted some good performance and gets through. Good job.

Vivek and his comedy runs throughout the movie. Patti manram Raja and Solomon Pappiah may become a new duo comedians.... what a neighbours? Watch out directors...

KV Anand and Thotta Dharani deserve lots of praise and applause. What a marvellous photography...and those grand sets... (but Director Sir! Does the songs require so much of sets??)

KV Anand scores well in all the song sequences and those US scenes... and climax too... with MGR.

The scene happening opposite Aayakar Bavan (Income tax office) with Rajini ordering for Bajji and Tea.... Is that a set or was it shot on Nungambakkam High Road... ???? Only Thotta knows.... Great work throughout.

Looks like Shankar has gathered his old colleagues like Balaji Sakthivel and Gandhi Krishna.... to add up to this mission. It definitely requires such a team for such an himalayan task, that too when the story line is not strong.

All the above combined with technical brilliance and marketing capabilities of Shankar makes this master piece...and a milestone movie for both Rajini, Shankar & AVM.

Few things which needs mention :
1. Why did Shankar thought that the logic can take a back seat during Rajini' s Stunts ? He just throws away atleast 20 guys with a single punch. There was a proper logic for Prabhudeva (kaadhalan) that he is a Karate student. And there was "Varma" art for "Indian" Thaatha who managed to tackle enemies with just fingers at his age.

2. How come an actor of calibre like Raghuvaran be wasted with just 2-3 scenes that too with just a line or two of dialogues? (Remember Mudhalvan from same Shankar?? "That was a good interview"). The usuals like LIC Narasimman or alike could have fit in to that role.

3. Same wastage done with Vadivukkarasi... what an actress... and she just appears without much strength to the role. Someone else could have done it at ease for which Vadivukkarasi is not required.

4. Is it the same AR Rahman who tuned Gentleman, Kaadhalan or Mudhalvan for Shankar?.... Must have been busy at UK on other assignments. Its more of sound than music.... except Sahana... Even Harris did a good job in Anniyan.

We won't expect few such things from many other directors. But when its Shankar we tend to raise expectations in all areas of the movie, which is not fulfilled.

Except such few things Sivaji makes the real Boss and a great entertainer. Even the length of the movie didnt matter. Good job, overall.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Itz my Day 1 Here

A big hello to the whole world of blogging...

All these days i have been just watching around the blogs, not knowing what people are upto in those blogs...
Now I think its time i should jump into this ocean and learn a lesson or two... Am starting this at the start of hot summer in Chennai. Hope the heat remains here too.