Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello Doctors!!!

This time it's about a most versatile and the most brilliant actor called Vijay and the most popular and a very highly intellectual director called Shankar who have been conferred with the "Doctor" title by MGR Educational & Research Institute at Chennai (where else?).

The special guest at the function to confer the honorary doctorate was Mr. G. Madhavan Nair, ISRO Chief.

Mr. Nair in his speech has told that the star deserved the honour as he served the society as a "Role model for youth". And it was told that Mr. Shankar was aptly awarded the title for making films comparable with Hollywood.

Mr. Vijay, born in 1974, after dropping out of his Viscom at Loyola, made his debut in Tamil film "Naalaya Theerpu" in 1992 with the direction of Mr. S. A. Chandrasekhar (his Father) and after 2-3 films directed and promoted by Mr. Chandrasekhar, slowly started acting in films made by other directors.

Till date he had shown his various versatile performances with extra ordinary efforts in about 46 films to his credit, which include, "Coimbatore Maaple", "Vishnu", "Selva", "Vasantha Vaasal" (any one remember?!), "Thirupaachi", "Madhurey", "Sivakasi" and I think few more towns to follow. (like Sengalpattu, Veluru, Paandi, Ocheri can be suggested)

With so many successful films to his credit in which he had shown various dimensions not only in acting, but also the great "Kuthu dances" for songs like 'Oh Pyari Pani Poori', 'kokkara kokkara ko",,,, "Gaana songs" like "Machan Peru Madhurai", "Thottebettaa Rottu Melae", "Coca Cola Brownu Coloruthan"...with many of them with his own singing talent.

Next comes our Director Shankar who has the record of combined gross collection of over 100 crores on his movies. Has really made some good films (about 8 in 14 years). His debut was with Gentleman in 1990. Known for his magnificience and larger than life stories & heroes.

But many more to come from his hat. Shankar has fared well as a producer with projects like Veyil, Pulikesi, kaadhal etc.,

But are these reasons good enough for conferring Doctor on him? I remember reading somewhere that his inspiration is Mullum Malarum from Mahendran. Yet to see any of Shankar's films comparable to Mahendran's.

If they say Shankar's films are comparable to Hollywood, I too surely agree. They are comparable only in terms of budgets, Graphics, Technology, Sounds and making. But where is the basic stuff called the storyline, except a few like Gentleman or Indian?

No one can forget his casting for Mudhalvan. A role of typical innocent tamil village girl who is a daughter of a farmer (Vijaykumar). Her name was "Thenmozhi". The character was assigned to Ms. Manisha Koirala. Can you ever imagine? And she was shown on screen with full of glitz and colors.

Remember Vasanthabalan's excellent usage of Shreya Reddy in Veyil? Fully toned down without make-up etc., That too for the same Shankar's production. When the story and screenplay are strong enough and convincing, one need not spend lavishly on sets, stars or the making. (Remember Azhagi, Sethu, Autograph or Samsaram Adhu Minsaram?)

Atleast Vijay said "I dont like to be called as Dr.Vijay". But Shankar has'nt uttered a word probably knowing that its not worth talking about.

And if you stupidly ask why many of the other artists, directors and others like, Udavum Karangal Vidyakar, Dr. Shantha (Adyar Cancer Instt), MS Viswanathan, Director Mahendran, Sridhar, Balu Mahendra, PC Sriram, Actor Sivakumar, writer Sujatha, Balakumaran, Bagyaraj, Barathiraja, Maniratnam and alikes are still not given Doctorate, that shows your ignorance.

So, Makkalae !! All it needs to digest such things in Tamilnadu is our tolerance.

Or just smile at it and pass away.... "Thunbam Varumbothu Konjam Siringa!"


  1. Well said.

    I donno what is the reaction of that college student? The good will of the college will definetely go down as an educational institute!!


  2. hi
    as per sami dialogue(Vikram film, NAN POLICE ILA PORIKI)like wise ( Avangalam Doctors ila TOrtures)..

    And also u see shankar is very brilliant.. in his own production he spends hardly less than a crore but on his direction with other producers he goes for 100 crores..

  3. Director Shankar creates a new revolution through his films in Chennai Film Industry.
    But, with the earning he has made in films by now he should have created an educational university with several branches and allowing all young people to study without paying donations as portrayed in Gentleman.
    That is the real usage of money for the country. Hope my fellow Indians will agree with my point of view.


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