Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hey Ram !!!!

Recently, there are some extraordinary statements from our great leader, Tamil Scholar & CM Kalaignar Karunanidhi.

A few Golden words from him ...

- Who was Rama? What is the proof that he constructed a bridge? Was he an engineer? Where did he study?

- According to Valmiki's Ramayana, Rama was a drunkard.

- We never have the habit of hurting the sentiments of Hindus. I just told what was written in Valmiki Ramayana.

We never demanded that Ramar Sethu has to be demolished. All we need is "Sethu Project". We don't bother about alternate alignment.

Few questions arise from any common man's mind, to our CM...

If Rama was not a real life character and only a Hero of a fiction story, why will any author depict the Hero as a drunkard ?

If Ramayana is only a story according to you, why do you take it so seriously that “Rama was a drunkard”?? If you say that you have quoted only what Valmiki has written about Rama, can someone quote what was written by Kannadasan in his book “Vanavasam”, about “Arasiyal Pramugar” and “Thullu Thamizh Thozhar”??

If Stalin has constructed so many flyovers, bridges and MK constructed roads, inaugurated IT Parks etc., they have a nice black granite board sculpted, marking the inauguration and the year. Will my grandson or great grand daughter ask whether MK and MKS are engineers ?? (Thanks : S. Ve Shekar)

If I read in History, "Ashoka planted trees and made many water tanks and ponds", does it mean that Ashoka was a “Engineer” or "Mesthiri" or "Sithaal"??
Are the finance ministers of the State Govt. are from IIMs or are they MBA Finance?

Coming back to his proficiency in Tamil literature, according to "Ilangovadigal", Kannagi, to prove herself against the injustice happened to her and Kovalan, she tore away her breasts and threw it in the streets of Madurai, cursing that the entire city be burnt.

Some time ago, during the removal of Kannagi Statue from the beach, Columnist "Gnaani" wrote in a magazine, "for what mistake of their's the entire population of Madurai was burnt in fire?" and "why her statue is given so much of importance in Tamilnadu politics?"

Our Tamil Scholar replied at a function saying that Gnaani is "playing with fire by proking Tamil sentiments".

If MK has so much respect and regard towards Tamil sentiments, what respect he has towards national sentiments and traditional beleifs, either Rama lived or he is just a story.

Is "Silappadhigaaram", a much praised and much respected epic for you, a story or a true life?

Silappadhigaaram was brought to us by Ilangovadigal, again a saint, like how Ramayana was brought to us by Valmiki.
Considering that, you have really admired Silappadhigaaram and Kannagi, for having existed in Madurai ages back, may I request you to please clarify a few things... ?

1. If Kannagi existed, is that a right deed to burn the whole of Madurai, for a problem she had with only the Pandiya King ?

2. The king himself realised that he did a mistake, saying "Pon Sei Kollan than sol Ketta Yaano Arasan? Yaaney Kalvan!" and he himself died at the court hall, falling down from his throne. Then why should Kannagi go to the streets of Madurai and burn the whole city with her curse.

3. Ok. If it had happened because of her urge to take revenge on the land of the said king, how come a city like Madurai, which was one of the ancient cities ruled by so many great kings and so called well built and maintained city, can be burnt by a woman with just the words of curse ???? And do you beleive in that ??? And if you beleive that... please teach us some "Pagutharivu" which will be of some help for us while reading epics, so that we can differentiate between stories and the real characters.

Atleast the bridge can be built by engineers or mesthiris... but was there any university offering education like "Bachelor of Fire" or "Master of Destruction" in which Kannagi graduated? May be you can look at bringing in such subjects in our Universities. The people will appreciate you for bringing such new courses, and will confer you with titles like "Thee Kalvi Thandha Thamizhan" etc.,

And if you say that “Silappadhigaaram” is just a story and not a real incident…. Why do you show so much of interest on a fictitious character of the story, by protecting a statue???

Apart from all that, does “Pagutharivu” principles believe in Idols ?? If you don’t believe, then why many ‘Kanmanigal’ offer garlands to statues like ‘Anna’, ‘Periyar’ and alikes and close their eyes in a praying gesture? And whom do they pray? Do you advocate all that?

Am just a common man, a spectator. I am not inclined towards any political party here. I too believe in both Silappathigaaram and Ramayanam. I strongly believe that both Kannagi and Rama existed in this country. But after your statements, I would like to know how Kannagi can be accepted and Rama cannot be? And how Kannagi is a real character who came to Madurai for living along with her husband and Rama was just a story???

Suppose, when I read Silappadhigaaram, if there are any mentions about Rama or Ramayana in it, how should I take it? Should I think that Ilangovadigal has written about real characters like Kannagi and Kovalan and also quoted Ramayana - a fiction story??

Ayya, our whole country is driven by lots of sentiments and beliefs, right from stock markets to local auto rickshaws with a lemon hooked near front wheel.

1. We call the country as “Motherland”, and have an image or idol for her too.

2. Many rivers here are worshipped including Cauvery in Silappadhigaaram “Nadandhaai Vaazhi Kavery” you will remember better, as you penned dialogues for the film “Poompugar”

3. Many movies start with auspicious scenes or dialogues for the sentiment that it should fare better in sales (e-g) “Success! Success!” dialogue in Parasakthi, penned by you, again.

4. Many of our kings while going out to battle field, were wished by their wives with “Ratha Thilagam”, cutting their fingers and applying blood on the king’s forehead wishing him success (Sheer stupidity na??)

5. Many atheists respect the sentiments of their wives or children who believe in God. And they don’t want to show the same respect to other’s beliefs in society.

6. Pongal Thirunal is called Thamizhar Thirunaal. And Sun God is thanked on the day for giving good harvest. Will you say, all Tamils are fools to worship Sun as God ?

7. Many functions including the political and Government functions are inaugurated, lighting a Kuthuvilakku lamp. (can anyone say why?)

8. People wear “Pavazha Modhiram” (Coral stoned ring) on their left hand ring finger. Some, as an ornament and some based on beliefs. (we don’t know why you wear it!)

9. People throw away old fashioned black shawls and wear new yellow shawls (many reasons were quoted by you till date for the same single shawl)

10. Some don’t believe in ancient sages and saints, but practice Yoga which was taught by them, for longevity and health

11. And highlight of all the above is ‘A TV Channel goes on air, on “Vinayakar Chathurthi” day. (needless to mention)

Many such sentiments and beliefs don’t have any scientific reason or whatsoever. It’s been a way of life for many. If you believe it, take it. If you don’t believe, just ignore.

If we keep questioning every act of mass sentiments, there won’t be any answers to many questions. Or I don’t know whether you know the reasons for some of the sentiments mentioned above.


  1. Don't give importance to this guy. They own ships they wanted to do this project for there own business interest. firstly advise his house and then he can tell the world.

  2. Mappu.. Mappu..

    Vechitayan Appu..

    Saravana I lilke this. Keep hitting that MK on his forehead..


  3. good one! i had explored the family, its politics and its businesses from a totally different angle. I like the way you've questioned his sentiments.

    But then, the biggest hypocrite of all that he is, how is he going to care about all this.

    And our people, unless they stop voting for such idiots deserve what they get from people like him.

  4. Good one. Many do not know that the krishnan kovil near his ouse is maintained by him secratly.

    Pooni kannai moodina yaruku theriyada

  5. My votes for you Saravana!

  6. Hats off buddy... i was a devotee of MK until this issue arises… I don’t have any religious feeling or I don’t worship any God…
    But when I read those statements hurting millions of Hindus... I was taken aback… never expected this from a senior most politician and responsible person…
    What to say, age and experience makes a man more polite and respectable… here it’s quite opposite… funny man…

    Nice blog…. Not for Hindus alone…. Even for Christians and Muslims, as anything can happen to them too as far as this government is in rule…
    Don’t show ur anger in government properties or in personal attack… wait till election and show ur grievance in voting…. Hope this marks a change… - Surya

  7. I appreciate your braveness.
    Really u ask Supreb Question?

    But these people never mind these
    things. they think only about money,money....

    Our people should aware and stop voting for such idiots

  8. "YAgAvarAyinum NA KAkka KAvAkkAl
    SOkAppar Sollilukkapattu.

    Intresting blog Saravanan.

  9. Well , this could be a outburst of many Indians as well as Hindus. A person who claim himself a genious in litreature and Tamil, who uses the langauages agianst the Lord Rama can not be tolerated any more. Has he got the guts to comment about Muslims are Chritiens friends ????? why coz of Hindus are known for their patience, but would like to clarify to the gentleman that if he is again keep repaeting the same mistake of cursing or speaking ill on the sentiments of Hindus he would pay the price very soon. There are several questions has been asked by Saravana can he asnwer any one??? let him take care of his family fight resolve it and then, he can talk about lord Rama. Once he ran to save his family biz(SCV) now he is going against them coz world knows?? Since the war has started betweeen them the ultimate sufferer was consumers who are unable to view any channels.....WOW this could only happen in INDIA since we call ourslefs as democratic nation..

  10. Points to ponder, that was a good read

  11. HI

  12. Rama!, Rama!,
    Whether the Hindu God exixsted or not, my boy i learnt a lot about Tamil literatue. Thanks. Thanks to whom? To Saravanan no, but The great Rama who educated me more today.

  13. Narukkunu thalaila kuttina madiri oru kelvi keteergal. Romba naalaa manasula irundha kobam kurainja maadiri irukku. VEry good!!
    --- Mythili

  14. I just read your blog..its realy interesting...i think the question you have asked, no one can answer for you said, if you beleive assume that it is part of our culture and tradition and if no just ignore rather than asking such a bullshit question and make some stupid statement...


  15. தல, கலக்கீட்டீங்க! அந்த ஆளுக்கு இங்கிலீஷுல எழுதினா புரியாது!! தமி்ழிலேயே எழுதி அந்த ஆளு தலைக்கணத்த குறைங்க!

    இதுபோல இன்னமும் பின்னி எடுங்க...


    பி.கு.:- இவரு இப்படின்னு தெரியாம, ஒருதடவை இவரு கட்சிக்குவேற ஓட்டுப்போட்டுட்டேன். கடவுளே என்ன மன்னுச்சுடப்பா...

  16. ippadiyellam kelvi kaekka koodathu.. ungalukku konchamavathu pahutharivu irukkiratha..
    periyar sollai thattamal vaazhvathuthan pahutharivu.. ippadi kelvi kaetpathu alla..

    appuram.. kannathasan sonna thagavalkalai ungal blogla podunga.. avangalukku, innum pahutharivu varum

  17. Dear Saravanan,

    Believing God is one's own right. Similarly Mr. M.K's view also his own right. Secondly I respect your spiritual sentiments. But at the same time Please stop comments on Leaders Like M.K. He is 86 yrs old and has proven his track many times. Just because his present situation we can not comment badly on him.

    And you have started your block just for helping devotees and please do it perfectly;
    Let it be more helpful of Spiritual society.

    MK is self motivated leader has come across many failures and many success. Three times entire India listening his suggestions:

    So Please stop with anguish over him;

    When film stars turned Politicians though made victories they have done nothing; that is true;

    Poverty can not be eradicated over night in India. If you are aware not even single politician working for the welfare of people. Is any one having plan for offering 100% employment scheme which could boost our economy?

    I appreciate your spiritual service; but I will not accept your comments on politicians; if so you are doing; you are nothing but deviating your service; like a common man

    Em Ramanan


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