Thursday, February 28, 2008

From Sri Rangam to Vaikuntam

It’s a wonderful journey what he had passed through. Though born in Triplicane, Chennai, he grew up at Sri Rangam spending his childhood there.

He had been a multi dimensional personality as an engineer, scientist, columnist and a novelist too. It was during my college days, I got introduced to his novels.

There was nothing that he cannot write about. Has written, over 100 novels, 250 short stories, 10 science books, around 10 stage plays and a few poems too.

One can easily relate themselves to his writings. The way he presented his columns like “Katradhum Petradhum” was wonderful and gained very high readership. Moreover, he had his own style of narration and usage of words. Without anyone telling, by just reading his lines one can say that it’s Sujatha’s writings.

Readers can’t forget his nostalgic thoughts he narrated in “Sri Rangathu Dhevadhaigal”. He showed a very high sense of humor in most of his writings, especially about his childhood cricket experiences on the streets of Sri Rangam.

He wrote about everything with ease from Dhivya Prabhandham to Carnatic Music to Nano Technology.

One can never forget the “Mexico Salavaikkari” joke, which was often mentioned in his novels but was never revealed till now.

His writings were never boring, as he had deep understanding on the pulse of the people and their tastes. Sujatha’s age can never be predicted from his writings. He can write even for the next generation (Remember ‘Boys’?). He had an in depth knowledge on whatever he wrote.

He had done a commendable contribution to Kollywood too. “Priya” which was based on his novel was received well as it had fresh thoughts and a different plot at that time. His “Vikram” will speak a lot for him even in future, which is a fore runner to bring Science fiction into Tamil films and not risked by many. Many of us saw a PC for the first time, in Vikram.

And his dialogues in many films from 90s had that Sujatha effect to them. Especially Roja, Ayudha Ezhuthu, Indian, Mudhalvan (That was a good interview!) and the recent block buster Sivaji – the boss displayed his caliber in dialogue writing.

It’s highly unfortunate that we missed him before we could see his Robo.

The Democracy of India can call him the father of Electronic Voting Machines. It was during his tenure in BEL, EVM was devised.

We can’t just forget his contribution to Tamil language in modern days.

I am sure that he had lived a very satisfied life throughout. A journey that started at Sri Rangam has reached the Lotus feet of God at Vaikuntam.

Ganesh & Vasanth have lost you!

And we too miss you as well!