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Abaththa Vikatan (அபத்த விகடன்)

When it comes to secularism, none wants to express their actual views or the facts and everyone needs a safe hiding in the name of secularism. 

Viswaroopam has finally hit the theatres couple of days back and has got a grand opening which people say its going to be a grand hit! Kudos to Kamalhassan, who was not giving up till the last day but for a few cuts in the last minute. It's been told that the movie is of global standards in terms of story telling as well as the making. As usual, Kamal beats his own records and raises his own benchmarks, much to the pride of Thamizh Rasigan and Kollywood industry as a whole. 

Many mags and papers have reviewed the movie and have given their best appreciation to the whole movie. But, as many of the film makers, Directors and fans take Ananda Vikatan's review seriously majority including me don't miss to read AV review before watching any movie, irrespective of whether it matches my views or not.

Ananda Vikatan (13.02.13) has reviewed Kamal's Viswaroopam elaborately and has offered 46/100 to the movie. Means Vikatan has rated Viswaroopam as one of the good movies for to watch.

Like one of the dialogues in the movie, Vikatan too has played a double role here.

The review starts as...
குறிப்பு : அந்த ஏழு காட்சிகள் நீக்கப் படுவதற்கு முன் பார்த்த விஸ்வரூபம் படத்தின் விமர்சனம் இது.

After the narration of the story and crediting Kamal's action etc, Vikatan goes on to write...
"தீவிரவாதியை கடவுள் தான் காப்பாத்தணும்" என்று  பூஜா குமார் சொல்ல, "எந்தக் கடவுள்?" என்று கமல் கேட்பதும், "நான் இந்து. என் கடவுளுக்கு நாலு கை இருக்கும்", "அப்படீன்னா அவரை எப்படி சிலுவையில் அறைவீங்க?"   "நாங்க சிலுவையில் அறைய மாட்டோம். கடல்ல தூக்கி போட்ருவோம்" போன்ற வசனங்களும் கமல் பிராண்ட் கிண்டல்ஸ்.

Here Vikatan actually enjoys the so called 'kindals' of Kamal on the Hindu Gods (or Christian!?) and faiths. Here Vikatan takes a stand of a real appreciator of art. Wonderful! Hey people!! Please don't see through your religious glasses here. Its a movie review by a No.1 Tamil Magazine, which is renowned for generations. Just read and go on.

Again towards the end, Vikatan writes...

கமல் என்கிற நடு நிலையான கலைஞனுக்கு என்று ஒரு சமூக பொறுப்பு உண்டல்லவா? அந்த விதத்தில் குர் ஆன் ஓதிவிட்டு கழுத்தை அறுப்பது, வெடி குண்டை வெடிக்கச் செய்யும் முன் தொழுவது, 'முஸ்லிம் அல்லாதவர்களைக் கொல்ல வேண்டும்' போன்ற வசனங்களை தவிர்த்திருக்கலாமே  கமல்! 

Watch here! Vikatan has wore 'Secularist' Glasses. He asks Kamal gently and politely 'Why do you do this Kamal? You could've avoided such scenes like a person chopping another's head after reading Quran or a character saying 'kill all non muslims' na please?'. Means, Vikatan humbly requests Kamal to consider it. 

But not the dialogue which says  "நாங்க சிலுவையில் அறைய மாட்டோம். கடல்ல தூக்கி போட்ருவோம்"!

Doesn't it show your dual stand Vikatan? Is it fair on you after seeing generations of readers, you show pseudo secularism, that too in a review. 

Kamal has always been a good friend of Muslims (he never gives them up for anything, even with his atheist school of thought)  but he had guts to talk about Islamic terrorism. Unlike the opportunistic politicians or fundamentalist groups, you don't have any necessity to take sides for any benefit for that matter. 

Then why take this shameful stand, Mr. Vikatan????

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